Prj 02 - Web Design

PRJ/ 02

The Problem — An ageing and dwindling customer base with few new clients coming in. A website split into two, one part for holiday rentals and one for boat repairs and moorings. Signage on site which varied hugely in type, size, colour and every other variable imaginable.

The Solution — Tie all the assets together, bring both websites together and make navigation easier and faster for potential clients. Modernise the branding and make it more appealing for those that have never heard of the company. Add in mobile responsiveness of the site to, again, bring in more and younger audiences.

The Process — Starting with trawling the website for all its possible external and internal links, a sitemap was then created and signed off before multiple stages of wireframes and design began: Low fidelity for initial user journeys, then moving to initial concepts for a look and feel. Then bringing those together for a well considered and easily navigable high fidelity interactive design using XD. The design was then passed onto development and then tested multiple times before client handoff. I’m pleased to say since our redesign and web design, Broom Boats has done exceedingly well, even as far as selling out until late 2021

Deliverables —
• Sitemap
• Low fidelity wires
• Look and feel concepts
• Medium fidelity wireframes
• interactive designs
• User journey testing
• Branding refinement and signage

Link to live site >