Cheese Co

Prj 04 - Web Design & Shopify Development

PRJ/ 04

The Problem — A dated website with no e-commerce functionality limiting the companies ability to grow and survive through the covid pandemic. Lack of ability to edit in the front end for the client and constant costs for a developer to update the site when needed.

The Solution — Bring the hundreds of in-store products onto an e-commerce platform that could be easily updated and changed by the client once completed. Modernise and bring together the branding which had historically changed colour and typeface with each edit.

The Process — For this project I decided Shopify would be the best platform to use to make it easy for the client to edit and add products once the site was live. A sitemap was first created and a list of products with imagery and descriptions provided by the client was input into Shopify. A custom theme was created within Shopify’s Liquid code then handed over to the client to input even more products. This store has allowed my client to thrive during the covid pandemic where before they were not making any sales online.

Delivarbles —
• Sitemap
• Look and feel concepts
• User journey testing
• Branding refinement
• Shopify development

Link to live site >