Prj 01 - Web Design

PRJ/ 01

The Problem — Strong customer loyalty with turnovers in the 6 figures but a dated Magento website with a 90's, less than elegant logo, marketed at high end and luxury consumers. Menus are huge with no filters or way to effectively browse. Extremely low-quality imagery for expensive products.

The Solution — A comprehensive rebrand and web design with refreshed sleek & modern logo. The website focuses on what the brand is strong on; choice and expertise rather than photography. Small photos in a clean, white site with detailed product descriptions. Addition of mobile responsive design brings in new customers where you had to go on a desktop before.

The Process — As a quick and pro-rata project, I was given the challenge of just 2 weeks to identify the problems in the site and use a user-centred design approach to solve them. Through research of competitors and a healthy knowledge of buying alcohol online, I discovered that detailed descriptions and bullet points counted for more than strong photography. I created a solution of a minimal website that was easy to navigate and filter to optimise for conversions.

Deliverables —
• Medium fidelity wireframes
• Sitemap
• High fidelity interactive prototype (using Adobe XD)

Link to live site >