Prj 03 - UI/UX Design

PRJ/ 03

The Problem — A new competitor to the subscription based home delivery craze. An experienced alcohol retailer wanting to get on board with the new trend of subscribing to unique and exciting surprise boxes, in this case containing wines, beers or spirits but with no Shopify experience or knowledge of the subscription based model.

The Solution — Working with my coworkers at The Armoury Agency we created an exciting new brand based on the principle of writing your shopping list on a post it note. Hence the bold yellow colour and the hand drawn illustrations featured throughout. We then designed a seamless shopping experience on the Shopify platform to explain to the customer what Drinx was all about and allow them easily select their preferred drink and subscribe at regular intervals using Bold Subscriptions.

The Process — For this project we used Shopify in order to utilise the powerful subscription API already built in alongside the Bold app. For the design we started out with user research, identifying their target audience and then going through user flows to understand how customers shop for subscriptions and what get them to commit best. The site was then designed in Adobe XD, first in low fidelity wireframes, then moving onto high fidelity wires and finally to an initial concept. This process was done alongside the branding so them developed in tandem and by the point of the concept they were seamless.

Deliverables —
• Sitemap
• Low & High fidelity wireframes
• Look and feel concepts
• User journey testing